Welcome to my makeshift build-log/documentation/blog/how-to, or "Projects" page. My goal here is to document my various builds and experiments to hopefully give people some inspiration/help/warning.

Barebones Arduino (U.C.)

Arduinos are just awesome for all kinds of stuff but at ~25$ per board, it is hard to justify permanently installing the board in a single project. Fortunately 24 of those 25$ pay for the supporting electronics. In fact, with a stable 5VDC, some capacitors and wire, you can make a barebones arduino clone for under 4$. Catch: You gotta have at least one UNO laying around.


UV PCB Exposure Box (U.C.)

As my projects have grown in complexity I realized that perf-board was no longer cutting it - I needed to be able to print my own circuit boards. This build details a Ultraviolet (UV) exposure box I built to make my own PCBs. For details on the how to make PCBs check out the Making PCBs project.


Making Printed Circuit Boards (U.C.)

If you have some chemicals, presensitized boards and a UV exposure box lying around, then you have everything you need to print your own circuits. Check this out to learn how to go from 0 to PCB.